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Quality & Affordable Wedding Bouquets, Flowers, Dresses, Photography & Wedding Officiant Services in Milwaukee & Greenfield

At Everlasting Bouquets & Boutique, we bring quality and creative solution to all your wedding needs in Milwaukee, Greenfield and surrounding areas. We are your one stop shop for your bridal photography, bridal bouquets, flowers, bridal gowns, wedding consulting and officiant services.

We believe that every wedding starts with a dream, motivated by a passion for creating moments and events. We help to make your dream wedding a reality by creating a beautifully tailored and perfect wedding that both met and surpassed your expectation and stand out as a defining moment in your life.

Our product and services include but not limited to wedding officiant services, bridal bouquets and flowers, photography, attires, rental services and more. Our services also extend beyond the city of Greenfield, Milwaukee and beyond.

Since inception, Everlasting Bouquets & Boutique has provided many of our clients in Greenfield, Milwaukee and surrounding areas with realistic and exquisite wedding flowers and bouquets, high quality wedding attires and reliable photography, consulting and officiant services.

In addition to quality, price is also important and with us you can purchase everything you need for much less than you may expect. We strive to keep our prices low without compromising the quality of our wedding flowers, dresses, photography, consulting and officiant services in Greenfield and Milwaukee.

Our commitment to quality products and services at competitive prices is the reason why many brides in Greenfield and Milwaukee today are choosing Everlasting Bouquets & Boutique for their wedding flowers, bouquets, dresses, photography, consulting and officiant services.

Our Products & Services

Preserved Wedding Bouquets & Flower Arrangements

Photography & Officiant Service in Milwaukee and Greenfield
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Everlasting Memories
: Greenfield Flower Girl Dresses & Flowers in Milwaukee & Greenfield
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Fresh Bouquets and Officiant Service in Greenfield & Milwaukee
Preserved Flowers & Officiant Service in Milwaukee & Greenfield

Wedding Officiant Services

Here at Everlasting Bouquets & Boutique, we want to make sure you have your own unique and memorable ceremony to kick off your special day. Our professional wedding officiants work closely with each couple to create a fully customized, memorable and heartfelt experience for you and your wedding guests. We provide wedding officiant services for marriage ceremonies in Milwaukee, Greenfield and surrounding areas.

Wedding Photography

Everlasting Bouquets & Boutiques understands that one of the vital aspects of a wedding is the wedding photography. A photography service helps to express and share the joy of the moment from beginning of your day till the end. We believe that your wedding is unique and your wedding photography should be unique too. For that reason, our professional photographers in Greenfield and Milwaukee will always tailor our photography services to your exact needs.

As a multi-facet business organization that provides professional photography services to corporate clients and individuals in Greenfield and Milwaukee, we focus on wedding photography, and we stand to represent quality imagery in all ramification. With a strong reputation for providing quality photography services, Everlasting Bouquet strives to continue to deliver outstanding wedding photography anywhere in Greenfield, Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

Wedding Bouquet and Flowers

We know that every bride wants to hold a beautiful bouquet down the aisle on her wedding day. We have been providing beautiful bouquets for years, serving many happy brides in Greenfield, Milwaukee and surrounding areas. We select only the finest, highest quality wedding bouquets to make your “DREAM” wedding a reality at an affordable cost.

We have an amazing range of stunning wedding and bridal flowers ideas, gorgeous bridal bouquets and bridal flowers, church flowers, venue flowers and centrepieces, amazing props and much more.

We offer a highly creative service, and we will work relentlessly with you to guide you through designs and concepts, provide you advice on flowers and styles, and ultimately make sure that your wedding is absolutely perfect for you. We’ve worked with many fantastic wedding venues in Greenfield and Milwaukee and can advise you what flowers suit these best.

We offer a bespoke service but always try to create some ready to buy bouquets for those that fall in love with them right there and then. We design bridesmaid’s bouquets and wands from at a competitive rate.

Wedding Attires (Gowns & Dresses)

We are your cradle for all wedding attires such as wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl attires. Say yes to the dress, we have created for you.

Our wedding attires and dresses are sewed with attention and detail throughout. We offer our customers in Greenfield and Milwaukee only the highest level of quality and design in all of our wedding attires with a fit that makes everyone look and feel beautiful.

Wedding Consulting

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and it deserves careful planning. In addition to our officiant services, photography, flowers, bouquets, dresses and attires, we also provide wedding consulting services in Greenfield and Milwaukee.

Our attention to detail is always the driving force behind our success as a wedding consultant, and it begins with our ability to listen to every client.

Everlasting Bouquets & Boutique works with couples planning their special day. We’re here to facilitate ideas into reality and to offer guidance, creativity, support and direction. Our consulting job is to make your wedding a reflection of you; to make it as easy and stress-free as possible with an unmatched level of professionalism and care.

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